A senior Software Engineering professional with broad technical knowledge. Proven ability to deliver high quality software projects from concept through implementation. Able to provide research and development, consulting, and custom software development in multiple industries including transportation, telecommunications, and utilities.

 • Research and Development  • Software Architecture  • Requirements Management
 • Development Methodologies  • Configuration Management  • Build and Release Management

Professional Experience

Self Employed Freelance and Contract Work          2010 – Present

Siemens / Kansas City Power & Light (KCPL&L)

  • Contract Tech Lead / Solution Engineer to Siemens for the meter data management (MDM) system for KCP&L's SmartGrid demonstration project. The delivery team lead for an installation of eMeter's EnergyIP meter data management product. 

Trade Data Operations

  • Trade Data Operations was a start up company attempting to commercialize the SmartPort Trade Date Exchange system. Worked on contract and license agreements, and production migration plans.

Hewlett-Packard (HP), Overland Park, KS          1996 – 2010

Information Specialist

  • Implemented an agile development methodology, the software configuration management (SCM) system, and the release and build management procedures on projects. Delivered a 24-month project in 18 months on budget, with all requirements met, and to quality standards.

  • Performed research into extending the national emergency alert system. Developed the first commercial system that could send a broadcast SMS text messages to CDMA cellular telephones for delivering emergency alert messages.

  • Developed requirements and service-oriented architectures (SOA) for the Department of Transportation (DOT)-funded SensorNet and SmartPort research and development projects. Implemented web services and clients using SOAP and Java.

  • Led multiple distributed and off-shore development teams utilizing Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3 and 4 processes.

  • Worked on a variety full software development life cycle (SDLC) projects taking projects from concept through implementation.

Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO             1994 – 1996

Programmer Analyst

  • Member of a research and development team which investigated ways to replace the legacy mainframe system with an n-tier client server architecture.

  • Worked on developing object oriented-analysis and design methodologies in order to improve software quality, and to help the company meet FDA regulatory requirements.

  • Assisted in establishing guidelines for developers to follow while developing the new client server system. Also provided training to Cerner product teams regarding software engineering best practices and object-oriented (O/O) modeling methodologies.

  • Developed reusable components and application frameworks for client applications.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Kansas,  Golden Key National Honor Society

Associate of Engineering Technology, Kansas State University


A Comparative Evaluation of Generic Programming in Java and C++, Software Practice and Experience, Volume 33 Number 2, February 2003, pages 121 – 142

In the Middle; Interfacing Utility Systems, Proceedings of DistribuTECH 1999


OMG UML Professional Fundamental Unified Modeling Language Certification.

Technical Skills

Project Management

Performed requirements elicitation and management. Developed software architectures and designed applications and components. Schedule and prioritize requirements, tasks, and defects for development. Performed code reviews. Mentored team members in methodologies and software configuration management (SCM) practices.

Software Engineering

Expertise with UML and advanced O/O software engineering principles and methodologies, including RUP and Agile. Expertise in utilizing Rational Rose in a highly collaborative, multi-user environment. Experienced with Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3 and 4 processes.


Highly experienced with C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby and UNIX shell programming. Programming work has included mission-critical, near real-time interfaces for systems integration work. Experienced with writing multi-threaded applications utilizing inter-process communication (e.g., pipes, sockets, and memory maps). Additional experience with writing programs to access databases through the Oracle call interface (OCI), as well as an ODBC library.


Numerous years of experience working with Oracle, beginning in February, 1996. Performed core DBA tasks of installing Oracle, managing table spaces, and creating users, tables, and views. Expertise with SQL, including ability to compose and execute complex queries. Also familiar with PL/SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

System Administration

Worked with two (2) distinct UNIX operating systems: HP-UX, and Compaq Tru64 UNIX. Also have extensive experience with Linux. Performed initial hardware installation, completed system configuration, and performed upgrades of operating systems. Administered a large UNIX-based software suite on-site for ESB.

Middleware Management

Experience working with several message-oriented middleware products. Possess thorough understanding of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) technology at the architectural, design, and source code levels. CORBA development efforts include projects featuring the Portable Object Adapter (POA), federated naming services, persistent objects, and object activators.

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