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Selected Projects

Siemens / Kansas City Power & Light, Meter Data Management System Installation

March 2011 – Present

Work as the Technical Lead / Solutions Engineer for Siemens for Kansas City Power & Light's (KCP&L) Meter Data Management (MDM) project. The MDM project is part of KCP&L's SmartGrid demonstration project and is a project to delivery eMeter's EnergyIP product. Worked on workshop presentations, gathered and documented requirements. Performed system configuration, testing, installation and support. Provide sales support for a KCP&L full production system and other projects.

Trade Data Operations

April 2010 – September 2010

Trade Data Operations (TDO) was a start up company attempting to commercialize the  SmartPort Trade Data Exchange (TDE). I worked with the company in contract and license reviews and to develop the plans to develop the TDE system as a commercial SAAS product. Wrote SOAP web services to allow external systems to provide shipment information and updates to the TDE electronically, this was a DOT funded project with SAIC.

SmartPort, Trade Data Exchange Phase 2

July, 2008 – December, 2009

Worked on SmartPort, a Department of Transportation (DOT)-funded research and development project to design and build systems to accelerate international shipments by managing trade and customs documentation while enhancing shipment security through better custody management and integration with the SensorNet. Developed business and functional requirements, and completed the analysis and design for new databases and functional areas. Led two offshore development teams, developed the web services for the SensorNet integration, and setup the build and release systems. Performed the software configuration management (SCM) and release management roles. Worked with project management to prioritize features and schedule releases. The SmartPort project was a 24-month project and was delivered in 18 months, on budget, with all requirements met, and within quality guidelines. The project also received top-box client satisfaction and innovation rankings.

KU ITTC, SensorNet

May, 2008 – December, 2008

Worked with the University of Kansas (KU) Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) on the Department of Transportation (DOT)-funded SensorNet project. The project was developed to determine the feasibility of real-time security monitoring of shipping containers while in transit. Designed and developed web services to provide shipment and train configuration information to the SensorNet, and to receive sensor events and shipment location data.

Purple Tree Technologies, Emergency Alert Response System

May, 2007 – April, 2008

Worked on this privately-funded research and development project to extend the national Emergency Alert System to cellular telephones and other notification systems. Designed and developed the back-end systems and networking protocols. Worked with the client and other project groups to develop the system requirements and to ensure interoperability of the system components. Worked with software vendors (e.g.,Ulticom) and equipment manufacturers (e.g.,Lucent) to develop and test the system. Performed the first successful test of a commercial system performing an SMS cell broadcast at Lucent's Live-net test facility in December, 2007. Contributed to documents and presentations made to members of Congress and the FCC. Reviewed and provided technical comments to the FCC's WARN Commission's notice of proposed rule making.

Kansas Courts

December, 2006 – May, 2007

Developed over 100 reports for the Sate of Kansas Courts using Oracle Reports. Managed one contractor on the project.

Effort Accounting Database

June, 2006 – November, 2006

Designed and developed a datamart schema, SQL scripts for the ETL process, and 15 reports to support invoicing and project labor cost reporting for EDS' Black & Veatch account. The database and reports are saving 80 hours of effort per month compared to the previous manual invoice preparation. The system is also realizing approximately $150,000.00 per month of additional revenue due to improvements in reporting project labor costs.

Black & Veatch

April, 2005 – June, 2005

Examined and documented the current business process and computer systems used for time sheet, payroll, and project accounting for hourly construction labor. Produced and presented a report to management on the as-is system to identify areas for improving the business process as well as the accuracy and timeliness of the process for producing employee paychecks.

Kansas City Southern Railroad

August, 2003 – March, 2006

Served as Lead Architect on a project to develop an SDLC for an automated Pricing Application for Kansas City Southern Railroad. Utilized IBM Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process (RUP) to refine and document the business requirements, and produce functional requirements and program specifications for the Development team. Worked closely with Development team to ensure that identified requirements were met.

Worked with client to train key personnel, familiarize users with the new Pricing Application, and increase staff members’ knowledge and understanding of software engineering best practices and RUP. Conducted face-to-face interviews with SMEs to identify process flows and functional requirements. Used Rational Rose and Unified Modeling Language (UML) to create use case diagrams, business object models, data models, process flow diagrams, sequence/collaboration diagrams, and associated technical documentation. Developed use cases, functional specifications, and program specifications for Microsoft Visual Basic programs and COBOL stored procedures running against a DB2 database. Assisted in developing test cases and test scripts for pricing management-related programs.

Electricity Supply Board of Ireland (ESB)

June, 1999 – February, 2006

  • Served as Project Lead in charge of systems integration on an implementation of SPL World Group's Centricity Outage Management System (OMS), now Oracle Utilities Network Management System.

  • Gathered and documented requirements for all system integration tasks. Developed the integration architecture, and oversaw the design and development of the integration software components. Produced integration components using C, C++, Perl, and PL/SQL.

  • Performed the initial hardware and software installation, configuration, and customization. Served as the system administrator while on-site.

  • Performed the release and configuration manager roles. Set up the project's configuration management system and the initial defect tracking system.

  • Worked on a rewrite of the project's data warehouse and reporting system. Produced all of the initial versions of the project's reports.


June, 2002 – June, 2003

Administered and provided end-user support for Mercury Interactive's Test Director software (now HP Quality Center) within Sprint's Local Telephone Division (now Embarq). Provided end-user support, report generation (both standard daily and ad hoc reports), and general software administration. Worked with Sprint’s Test Management team to define and document the testing methodology, and manage the execution of system and user acceptance tests.

NDM Farms

March, 2001 – May, 2001

Designed a system architecture to enable a hierarchical structure of computers to access and synchronize data, while permitting autonomous operation. Developed both a proof-of-concept system and a production-quality framework. The system used Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to link to MS SQL Server. It was developed in C++ under Cygwin running on Windows NT. System design and modeling utilized Rational Rose and UML.

Connectiv Power Delivery

April, 1999 – May, 1999

Gathered and documented business and functional requirements for a Request for Proposal (RFP) related to system integration.


April, 1997 – September, 1998

Designed and implemented a proof-of-concept / demonstration system for one of the largest electrical utilities in the western United States. Designed and implemented a production-quality CORBA server to query and update customer data contained in an outage management system, and assisted team members in developing additional CORBA clients and servers. Work was performed utilizing Rational Rose, UML, C++, and Compaq Tru64 UNIX.

Public Service New Mexico

January, 1997 – January, 1998

Provided support for an outage management system. Work included UNIX system administration, software configuration, and code maintenance. Worked with HP-UX, C/C++, Oracle, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Consolidated Edison

April, 1996 – December, 1996

Developed and executed scripts to complete site acceptance testing of a pilot project for an outage management system.